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My foreign stepmom is a shopaholic. Freshman New stepson333 12 hour(s) ago 09 stepson333 12 hour(s) ago
My girlfriend signed up for internet brides. Freshman New george11 Yesterday 01:00 014 george11 Yesterday 01:00
Looking for a shenyang woman to date with Freshman New james00 4 day(s) ago 020 james00 4 day(s) ago
Does any Latin American singles club exist? Freshman New brokenman33 6 day(s) ago 017 brokenman33 6 day(s) ago
I want to write article about foreign brides Freshman New jake14 6 day(s) ago 022 jake14 6 day(s) ago
What do Colombian women seek from a man? Freshman tonyboy81 7 day(s) ago 021 tonyboy81 7 day(s) ago
Would Filipina women be into older men? Freshman steve09 2018-6-11 018 steve09 2018-6-11 00:19
How should I tell my daughter I’m remarrying? Freshman askingfather45 2018-6-4 032 askingfather45 2018-6-4 02:10
Are internet brides wife-material? Freshman askinggroom 2018-6-1 039 askinggroom 2018-6-1 02:51
How do you woo Philippine women? Freshman supermario50 2018-5-31 030 supermario50 2018-5-31 00:46
Can someone describe how Chongqing women are like? Freshman doubtful86 2018-5-30 026 doubtful86 2018-5-30 21:54
How to keep a Shenyang woman? Freshman jerome88 2018-5-30 032 jerome88 2018-5-30 03:08
Unbiased reviews on marriage tours, please? Freshman sweetypie26 2018-5-29 038 sweetypie26 2018-5-29 19:53
Do Peru ladies enjoy American food? Freshman Gibby558 2018-5-29 036 Gibby558 2018-5-29 00:10
Is it true that Thai ladies would rather lie than lose face? Freshman CoolShot054 2018-5-28 048 CoolShot054 2018-5-28 00:13
Meeting my Kiev stepmom for the first time Freshman mikekushner03 2018-5-25 055 mikekushner03 2018-5-25 01:06
Do women from usa like rice? Freshman askleader35 2018-5-22 037 askleader35 2018-5-22 21:15
Fixed marriage? No way! Freshman alexagirl 2018-5-22 030 alexagirl 2018-5-22 00:09
I want to back out from my relationship. Freshman lonelybf_123 2018-5-21 030 lonelybf_123 2018-5-21 20:55
Should I mind about our height difference? Freshman tallman2018 2018-5-18 052 tallman2018 2018-5-18 01:46
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